Behind the Zen

Creating order out of chaos is my attempt at living life in an undramatic fashion. Although I can be animated and charming and quite social, my true nature is to be introspective and careful.

I am an observer, and capturing images that appeal to me is one of my greatest pleasures. All photographs on this site are my own, and are therefore not to be shared or copied without my prior consent.

Food is another passion for me. ┬áReading as a young child, I became fascinated with any story that described the menus and meals enjoyed by the characters. I learned to cook in my granny’s kitchen, and then later at home I was expected to start meals before my mother returned from work late each day. I am now at home taking care of all things household related, after working for many years in different capacities, and it is where I most want to be. My passion for food and family is what keeps me going.

Creating this blog is a journey into the unknown. I truly do not know where it will go or why I am doing it, but for now I don’t need to know. It’s enough to be doing it. Join me in my journey.

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