give peace a chance

This statement has been bandied about in the last week after so many horrible terrorist attacks took place all over the globe. Many of us hope and pray for the slain and their loved ones. Many of us wish the world were a more peaceful place. Many of us do not feel this way, and… Continue reading give peace a chance


better than takeout mini egg rolls

My hubby and I try to cook at home rather than eating out. But sometimes take-out menus are what we crave, and when that happens, like this rainy Sunday in November, it is very difficult to keep within our budget and not splurge on already-prepared food either from a restaurant or a box from the… Continue reading better than takeout mini egg rolls


winter is coming carrot ginger soup

Making soup is the easiest and most economic meal option there is. I enjoy soup for any meal (even breakfast when the mornings are dark and cold), and this recipe is savoury and smooth. Additions are easy, but start with this:          <<Start with these ingredients, then chop into similar-sized pieces>> Saute chopped… Continue reading winter is coming carrot ginger soup