my anxiety disorder = happy ending

You would never guess, when you meet me for the first time, that I have an anxiety disorder. I wasn’t even aware of it until my doctor explained it to me. I had gone to see him for my annual checkup in 2009, and had mentioned that I had experienced a frightening experience on a… Continue reading my anxiety disorder = happy ending


zen of vacuuming = slowing down

I watched this TED Talk today and was blown away by Carl Honore's philosophy and excellent delivery. Taking the time to watch this (a whopping 19 minutes!) is well worth it, in view of our tendency to rush through everything in 3 second or 1 minute increments. I wholeheartedly embody the notion that slower is… Continue reading zen of vacuuming = slowing down

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holy grail

"You will discover that cooking is more than making food. It could be your 'holy grail' for a happier, closer family." I have been collecting recipes since I was a child. My first one, which I still have in my own handwriting, is for clam chowder. I keep it, and all the other pages from… Continue reading holy grail