the zen of what, now?

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I created this blog in 2012, and it has evolved, as have I, since then.

I came up with the name Zen of Vacuuming as I went about my practice of cleaning the house. I had always wanted to try meditation, but as it had to be done in a calm setting, it was difficult for me to carve out that space while the kids were running around and my husband was coming and going at all hours due to his business.

I was vacuuming the kitchen floor and realized my mind was not cluttered with the usual self-talk (busy wife and mom, the usual). A sense of calm overcame me.

I decided then and there to start a blog. I had no idea where to start, what to post, or even if I could offer anything unique. I enjoy connecting with people, specifically by finding common ground. By posting what comes naturally to me I am attempting to provide a tiny bit of comfort or at any rate enjoyment to you, the reader.

If that is all I achieve, then I have succeeded.

The most interesting things often happen when you are busy doing other things, so I will continue to push the vacuum around the floor while contemplating nothing much at all, and be ready for whatever this journey offers.

Thank you for sharing this with me, and I hope that I have improved your day in whatever manner you needed.

Erin Jory

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