16-Step Chicken

16 Step Fried Chicken

Step 1: decide to make fried chicken for dinner

Step 2: drive to store to buy chicken

Step 3: before marinating chicken, take photos of chicken for blog

Step 4: make room on camera by dumping existing photos onto computer

Step 5: take photos of chicken

organic chicken
organic chicken

Step 6: get buttermilk from fridge

Step 7: realize there is no buttermilk, use yogurt instead

Step 8: take photos of yogurt


Step 9: pour yogurt over chicken, take photos, place in fridgeIMG_2689

Step 10: wait 2 hours (take a bath, do your nails, walk the dogs…)

Step 11: assemble breading station (beaten eggs, seasoned flour w/bread crumbs)


Step 12: take photos

Step 13: coat chicken in egg and flour, take photos, put in fridge to set


Step 14: heat oil in cast iron skillet (halfway up sides of pan), take photos


Step 15: fry chicken on medium-low for 20 minutes, turning frequently, take photos


Step 16: Eat.

Elapsed time: 3.5 hours

Photos taken: 42

Dishes dirtied: 6

Total cost: $18

Tummies filled: 4

I recommend serving this chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and country gravy, corn on the cob and green salad.

click here for amazing gravy recipe:

southern-style homemade gravy

Published by Erin Jory

My goal in life is to keep moving along, in whatever capacity I can. Recently I have explored my love of photography, and from that I created a blog. This journey doesn't have a destination. Rather, I am curious to see what happens along the way. Join me if you will.

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