little things

In this especially tumultuous week with all the destruction caused by the alliterative hurricane sweeping over the east coast of North America, I am reminded of all the little things that continue to happen around me, oblivious to the bigger picture.

This leaf sits on a bed of moss, dew drops sparkling ready for an insect’s thirst, host to countless microrganisms all trying to survive their own micro-storms…


I too have weathered a few storms lately, no more or less important than anyone else’s, and am simply grateful that I am safely out of harms way of this eastern path of destruction and uncertainty, mindful of all those weathering their own storms, whether on the east coast, in an alley in Moscow, a eucalyptus in Australia, or under this solitary leaf.

We are all in this together.

Published by Erin Jory

My goal in life is to keep moving along, in whatever capacity I can. Recently I have explored my love of photography, and from that I created a blog. This journey doesn't have a destination. Rather, I am curious to see what happens along the way. Join me if you will.

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