natural beauty


As I was walking the dogs today I came across a leaf that resembled a yin & yang symbol, so I snapped a pic with my phone and thought no more about it.

I continued on the walk, enjoying the rain-moistened air and the birdsong from the treetops all around me, and once again sent out a little gratitude thought bubble to the universe for providing me with so much abundance. I had already had a busy morning, and have many more things on my to do list this afternoon, but for those 15 minutes I was able to free my mind and simply observe the dogs as they raced and sniffed their way around our property, carefree and joyful in their exuberance.

I returned to the house, and as I neared the back door, which I had left open, I could hear the first few bars from Neil Young’s song Natural Beauty on the ipod sitting in its dock I had left playing before my walk. I entered the kitchen, swaying to the soulful harmonica, and it seemed to me that these two happenings, the leaf from before and the music now, related beautifully, so I decided to post it for you to enjoy. I particularly like the harmonica crescendo at about 9:12 into the video. I hope this music brings you a small measure of peacefulness in your otherwise hectic day.

Happy Thursday 🙂

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