**update** making changes

I posted awhile back that I was going to attempt to spend a few minutes each and every day on something I love.

That something is drawing.

I admit that I have not been able to stick to my goal, but I have found time, here and there, to doodle a bit, and I wanted to post this today before I get busy for the next week with my daughter’s high school graduation.

In no particular order, and without any expectation that these will be received with anything other than an “ummm…okay?” by you all, I am posting some shots of my recent attempts at drawing.

Setting aside even a few minutes each day was so much more difficult than I anticipated, but when I did manage to sit down and get busy, the time spent was extremely enjoyable. Every moment with pencil or pastel in hand was both frustrating and liberating, and I did learn that I am both a terrible artist and a wonderful artist, depending on the barometric pressure or the phase of the moon. Not sure which.

Without further ado then…



apple shadow lips noses lips1 lips2

2012-10-06 08.09.08 SAMSUNG bouquet eye1 hand jug photo rowboats steer tree

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