go deep

Feelings change, thoughts are not truth, and knowledge isn’t being.

A child lives in such a way that everything around them is just what is. They do not have pre-conceived notions, nor judgments. If they are hungry, they want food. If they are sleepy, they want rest. If they are happy, they laugh. Anger flares up but is extinguished once action is taken.

Adults constantly monitor how a child is feeling or acting. “Are you hungry, cold, happy?” These questions are unnecessary. Children will tell us what they need, when they need it.

The same applies to adults. We are told to ‘check in’, determine if our needs are being met. Again, totally unnecessary. We have instincts, perhaps long forgotten, but they will kick in when action is required. Try instead to go through the day with no forethought, and see how productive you are. It is amazing what one can accomplish when the internal dialogue is turned off.IMG_0845

The brain is not the mastermind. The brain is step 2, necessary to motivate the body, but it does not generate action on its own.

Our ideas, inclinations and desires come from elsewhere. The space between, the soul, consciousness…whatever you name it. “It” cannot be observed directly, only acknowledged and trusted.

Follow your gut and you won’t go wrong. Don’t think. Do. The action has already been decided before the brain gets involved.

Destiny? Mindlessness? Perhaps. Evolution? Most definitely.

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