better than takeout mini egg rolls

My hubby and I try to cook at home rather than eating out. But sometimes take-out menus are what we crave, and when that happens, like this rainy Sunday in November, it is very difficult to keep within our budget and not splurge on already-prepared food either from a restaurant or a box from the freezer section of the grocery store.

To prevent this, today I went to the store and only purchased one thing: won ton wrappers (total cost $4.99), and with the ingredients I had in the fridge, we enjoyed these amazing little gems.

If you have this in your fridge, you can make these too:

1 carrot, 1/4 head cabbage, 1 skinless boneless chicken breast.

You will also use some pantry items, as in:

2 c. canola/peanut oil, seasoned rice vinegar, soya sauce, garlic powder, celery seed and black pepper

Separate the won ton wrappers ahead of time, so assembly is seemless.

Slice the chicken breast into strips, and season with garlic powder, celery seed and pepper. Saute in a bit of oil on medium heat.

While the chicken is cooking, slice the carrot and cabbage into matchstick-sized pieces, then add to the pan after the chicken has cooked for about 10 minutes. Add soya sauce and rice vinegar (I used about 1 TB. each) and stir-fry for about 2 more minutes, then turn off the heat, but leave in the pan.


Heat oil in skillet to 350F while you assemble the rolls. Any way you want to do it is fine, but I did it like this:


Before the final turn, dip your finger in water and rub along inner edge, then roll up and press seam together:


Fry about 10 rolls at a time, turning as they brown, and place in colander sitting on a plate to catch any excess oil. My plate was clean, these cook up so crispy and hardly any oil is absorbed in to the rolls.


You can eat these straight out of the pan, or wait until they are all cooked, so you can join everyone at the table, as they can sit in the colander without going soggy, which is wonderful! So many fried foods don’t last more than 2 minutes out of the pan.




I recently made plum jam, so I used that with a bit of rice vinegar stirred in as our sauce.

These are brilliant! Overall cost was approximately $7 including meat, veg, and wrappers, so we enjoyed our take-out cravings for well under what we would have paid by eating out. Thrifty and delicious, without a lot of work. My kind of meal 🙂

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