give peace a chance

This statement has been bandied about in the last week after so many horrible terrorist attacks took place all over the globe.

Many of us hope and pray for the slain and their loved ones.

Many of us wish the world were a more peaceful place.

Many of us do not feel this way, and that is why bombings, shootings, and suicide pacts will continue to happen until there is nobody left to pray.

Humans are animals, and just like in nature, there are rogues circling the family groups. Sometimes the rogues band together and become gangs.

Gangs are formed from necessity, and then transformed by corruption and omnipotence.

Praying is good, but taking action is better.

I am reminded of the ants v. grasshoppers fable, in that the many can band together to eject the few, despite the size and strength of the oppressors.

We must band together now. The many must act. If you think that there is nothing you can do, and that you are immune to risk from these groups, you are wrong on both counts.

Praying is not enough; we must communicate our distaste for hate crimes and stand together as one against this type of vile behaviour.

Only then will the bullies, gangs, terrorists, grasshoppers, zealots, whatever you call them, only then will we have a fighting chance to survive and overcome what has been going on since we stepped away from the cradle of life and pursued our individual destinies as nomadic groups.

Speak up, volunteer, help your neighbour (get to KNOW your neighbour!), donate clothes to the thrift shop and food to the food bank. Use facebook to share your message of hope, keep the positive messages circulating.

No matter what, be grateful for the simplest things: food in your fridge, clothes on your back, literacy, and democracy.

Feeling anything but gratitude for these things is shameful.

Love yourself, love your family, love your neighbours. In. That. Order.

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