zen house

I posted awhile back (the house that zen built)about our plan to build a house, and thought it was time to show the progress!

We started with this:

123 Juniper 22 (1).JPG

Which became this:



Once the foundation was finished, we had a new crew come in to do the framing.

My husband designed the house and he created 22.5 degree angles so we could see the sunrise and sunset from the bedrooms and living room. So the framing took a lot of skill, and these guys were amazing!

The original building plan had stick-framing for the roof structure. But our framing crew said that if we used engineered trusses then we would not only save time and money, but the roof would be more solid and have more room for insulation. So we went with trusses and we are so glad we did!

It took a lot of skill to get these installed, but the finished product was well worth it!


Our main living area now has a vaulted ceiling with the kitchen at one end and the living room at the other:


The deck is a masterpiece. Not only did all the lumber have to be hand-planed to allow for the slope, each piece of Grade A fir was hand-picked by our finished carpenter. The results speak for themselves:

We thought we couldn’t be any more impressed with the progress until the roofers came. We had decided to go with a metal roof, as our west coast environment is hell on asphalt shingles. My husband found a place that advertised slate tiles, made of metal, and I found a local company that came highly recommended. We were so impressed with their customer service and extreme skill installing the roof.


The next step is to install the windows and doors which arrive in a couple of weeks. Then we can finish the deck railings and do the tar paper on the exterior and we are at the lock up stage.

I am so thrilled with this project. We plan to retire in this house and once the construction is done I get to start on the landscaping, which I am so looking forward to!

I will update again once we have more to show 🙂

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