the house that zen built


This is our house. We bought it in 2001, unfinished, and set out on a grand adventure of combining our family and raising the kids to the wonderful young adults they are today.

We married in the yard in 2005 among family and friends. We have three pets buried in the front corner near the road. We created lawns, gardens, memories.

In June, 2015, we decided it was time to sell, and we put it on the market. That was a grueling process all on its own, perhaps a whole other post.

Over the summer, we rented it out to holidaymakers through AirBnB, and it was a great success!

As an empty-nester (albeit very recently), I found that creating a comfortable space for strangers somehow filled the void that was created when our son moved to another city to attend college. Our daughter is still in our town, but I pretty much forced her to move in with her boyfriend when I told her I would be renting out her bedroom. She has since evolved into a self-sufficient young woman and that in itself was worth the angst of having no kids in the house. Excuse me…adults. They aren’t kids anymore at 19 and 20.

So I happily ironed pillowcases, bought locally-made individual soaps for the bathrooms, stocked the fridge with various items appropriate to the guests staying that weekend, put out a highchair if a toddler was coming…all good stuff. It was totally selfish from my point of view, money aside, as I reveled in the fact that people were able to enjoy their stay and everything was taken care of.

But all that is finished, no more guests. Now the fun begins. As Spring is officially here, it felt right to share this with you.

Over the course of a couple of weeks this February, we received an offer on the house. It was very low, so we did not counter it. They returned with a much higher offer, which we countered, and they accepted! The two weeks between acceptance and removal of conditions was gut-wrenching, but on February 26th the deal was finalized!  The family that is moving in is a mirror image of us about 10 years ago. Mom and Dad, boy and girl. They are moving to our rural community and I know they are going to love raising their kids here, as did we.

Now the real fun begins. We are building a new house from scratch, exactly the way we want to. I know, that sounds a little naive, but we are so excited to embark on this new process!

What an experience it will be. Hubby and I have worked out a plan for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom one-level of approximately 1500 sq.ft. He has created the house site by removing some trees and clearing the land with his backhoe, and on April 15th we will be out of this place and on our bare land, dogs and all, and the adventure will begin.

I want to document the build, in both words and pictures, and thought I would post about it here occasionally as milestones are met (eg. foundation poured, walls erected, roof installed, windows and doors, then the inside).

During construction, we will be living in a makeshift shelter constructed between two 20-foot storage containers we will have all our belongings stored in. That will be worth a blog post or two in itself!

In the meantime, I am packing, purging, donating and dreaming.

Spring has sprung and life is good. Let’s see how long this euphoria lasts…I am sure there are many hurdles yet to cross 🙂

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