artsy phartsy

Holding a pen, poised over a clean canvas. The possibilities!

I am not an Artist; I like to draw. I especially like to use ink for my creations. I bought new pens and markers to make holiday cards, and having them near spurred me into letting my imagination take over.

These are my pens (I am not paid to endorse them, but am adding links in case you want to purchase them):

(There are 24 Studio Series coloured markers in all; I chose one for the photo.) The Pigma Micron pens are amazing and seem to last forever.

I started with just a ball point and drew this, inspired by all my adult colouring books:

As you can see I am not fussy about my paper!

From there I grabbed a pencil and sketched and smudged my way to create this:

Hey! Drawing is fun!

Then came this (a personal fave):

I do all of this at my formica table in my travel trailer. We have lived in this 34′ home for the last 10 months while building our house. No cable is a godsend as I find my mind unmuddled by the lure of the tv. I sit here and draw and stare out the window at our evolving house. It is a great form of meditation 🙂

This was created when we were stuck inside as the snow and the holidays prevented sub-contractors from coming to work on the house:

At this point it was time for some colour; the sky was gray, the trees were white and bent with snow:


Then back to black:

And whatever this is lol:

These drawings were a wonderful way to get my hand/eye balance going after not creating anything for too long.

But more than that, it was a soul-enriching way to pass the time. My husband and I both work hard at our jobs and on our house, so taking time to decompress  with the radio on and a cup of tea and my muse (not sure who that is yet), really grounded me as the year ended and the new one began.

If you find youself needing to relax, and don’t have a quiet place to go, just sit at the table and grab a pen. Life carries on around you as you slowly create something unique in this world.

A rare thing indeed.

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