leaving 50 behind

2017 has arrived. For me, that means turning 51.

I have now lived for half a century. I have traveled off my home continent, met many people, lost loved ones, learned lots, forgotten more, and am now safely in middle age.

It feels as though I have arrived.

Since childhood, I have felt that my life would truly begin once I got past the first five decades. I have been chomping to get here, and now that I am, all is as it should be.

I have always wanted to be a published author. I am also a very patient person (okay maybe that is a stretch), who knows that good writing is bourne from life experience. I have carried my bags of ideas and now am ready to set them down, open them, and see what spills out.

Reading has been a passion. Storytelling is an art, whether it be Dr. Seuss or William Peter Blatty (RIP Mr. Blatty). I read the Exorcist at age 11, having plucked it from the living room bookshelf, squirreled under my blankets with a flashlight and discovered that I could be transfixed by words and tone. I felt that I could do that too, but only after escaping childhood and finding my voice.

Childhood is long gone. But my 11-year-old self is still present, as is my 21, 31, and 41 year-old selves. Now 51 looms and my feet are planted, my bags of ideas are positioned, and my heart is strong.

I logged into Twitter this morning and found a few gems:

Finding out what I know is a very exciting prospect. Getting started and making time is my only goal…the words will come.


Published by Erin Jory

My goal in life is to keep moving along, in whatever capacity I can. Recently I have explored my love of photography, and from that I created a blog. This journey doesn't have a destination. Rather, I am curious to see what happens along the way. Join me if you will.

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