*updated*doing what i love

I have always loved to bake.

I remember standing on a stool in my Granny’s kitchen helping her make batches of cookies she kept in special tins. These tins were always in the corner cabinet under the phone station and all the kids knew which tin held their favourite: chocolate chip; gingerbread; oatmeal; peanut butter.

I continued the tradition with my own kids and now that I am a grandmother I decided to get serious.

I recently made cupcakes for a friend’s child’s birthday…

They were such a hit that I ventured into trying a checkerboard cake for another friend who needed cheering up…

It worked! She was so amazed and it put a smile on her face during a hard time.

Cupcakes and layer cakes are so cheerful! Bright colours, delicious sponge, creamy icing, what’s not to love!

Simple designs…

Or more detailed…

Whatever I make comes from my heart.

Doing what I love has brought me a renewed sense of self and inner peace.

Let’s see where it goes…

*I realized a woman in Missouri already uses the name Little Bits Cakery and she is amazing! Check her out!

So I have decided to go by “littlebits sweet art” (website under construction.) Maybe I can quit my day job! No expectations though; just loving the process 😊.

Published by Erin Jory

My goal in life is to keep moving along, in whatever capacity I can. Recently I have explored my love of photography, and from that I created a blog. This journey doesn't have a destination. Rather, I am curious to see what happens along the way. Join me if you will.

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