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holy grail

"You will discover that cooking is more than making food. It could be your 'holy grail' for a happier, closer family." I have been collecting recipes since I was a child. My first one, which I still have in my own handwriting, is for clam chowder. I keep it, and all the other pages from… Continue reading holy grail


winter is coming carrot ginger soup

Making soup is the easiest and most economic meal option there is. I enjoy soup for any meal (even breakfast when the mornings are dark and cold), and this recipe is savoury and smooth. Additions are easy, but start with this:          <<Start with these ingredients, then chop into similar-sized pieces>> Saute chopped… Continue reading winter is coming carrot ginger soup


monkey bars

Caroline lay in her bed and listened for any sounds of movement outside her room. She would do this before getting out of bed each day, as she preferred to not creep around on her own. Today was Saturday, and that was Caroline's favourite day. Her mother was not at work on the weekend, and… Continue reading monkey bars