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holy grail

“You will discover that cooking is more than making food. It could be your ‘holy grail’ for a happier, closer family.”

File_000I have been collecting recipes since I was a child. My first one, which I still have in my own handwriting, is for clam chowder.

clam chowder frontclam chowder back

I keep it, and all the other pages from magazines, emails, or on recipe cards from friends and relatives, in a yellow duotang.

A friend recently created her own cookbook from a recipe binder she has been adding to over many years. Her kids dubbed it “The Holy Grail” and so she titled her cookbook ‘Mama Love – The Holy Grail of Family Cooking’.

I think we all have our own ‘holy grails’ somewhere in a drawer or a cabinet. Those recipes that you acquire while at Christmas dinner, and you simply must have the recipe for the mushroom tart appetizer or the tiramisu for dessert.

We all love to eat. But cooking is a special thing. It is something I have crafted over the years so that I can create a meal, or a dish, that will give people pleasure.

Sharing this love with my children has been a source of endless joy. Watching my son go from putting everything he could find in a frying pan (peanut butter, hot sauce, bananas, croutons, and every spice in the cabinet), to creating a barbecued duck and fennel-potato gratin that he served us on Christmas day, is a testament to the holy grail mentality.

I encourage all parents to gather family recipes and start including their kids in the cooking process. My cookbook friend says she always did this, even if all they could do was pull up a stool and drop carrots into the pan.

Learning to cook and appreciating good food is not difficult. All it takes is a few ingredients and the will to feed the ones you love.

So next time you go to the grocery store, avoid the middle aisles and shop only from what is on the outer edges (except for canned tomatoes!…veggies, meats, cheese, eggs, breads) and then go home, put on an apron, play some music, and make dinner together.

You will discover that cooking is more than making food. It could be your ‘holy grail’ for a happier, closer family.

Happy cooking!

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