IMG_2521It occurs to me on a regular basis that I live a very privileged life. It occurred to me again this morning as I was putting the ingredients into the blender to create this healthy smoothie.

I opened my refrigerator and brought out the yogurt (probiotic, organic), frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, salad greens (organic), ground flax (high lignan), flax oil (high lignan) and Happy Planet Abundant C. I layered these ingredients into the blender and whizzed it all up into a delicious drinkable smoothness of pure goodness and healthfulness.


Let’s break this down.

I have a refrigerator.
I have all of the above ingredients inside my refrigerator.
I have a blender.
I have power to operate my blender.

These four things alone are more than millions and millions and millions of people have at this very moment.

But most importantly I have the benefit of knowing that making a smoothie is good for me.  I have the benefit of being born into a privileged life.

I am very mindful of the privileges I enjoy every day.

Perhaps you could also take a moment and realize what great abundance you have, this very minute.

I am not certain if acknowledging this will create any sense of balance in the universe (it certainly won’t put refrigerators filled with organic ingredients into homes where none presently exist), but perhaps it will bring one’s awareness into perspective, which will improve our overall attitude towards ourselves and others.

Whether you believe in karma or not, you are living mindfully, and mindful living is said to effect positive change, and this, above all, is creating order of out chaos.

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