kitchen love

Today I FINALLY got to do some baking after living in chaos for 2 years! We are in our new house, and even though we still have some work to do, I decided this morning was THE DAY for cinnamon buns! I used this recipe Cinnamon Buns and they turned out light and gooey and yummy! Here… Continue reading kitchen love


snow days = nail fun

The west coast has had a freakish amount of winter weather over the last month. Our property is up a long steep driveway which prevents me from getting out to do my regular work. So I have been using this time to practice some new skills. My nails have only been long and strong once… Continue reading snow days = nail fun


giving thanks

I have recently spent a lot of time on Instagram. I have posted my drawings, my nail art, and other random pics. Receiving "likes" was not my goal. I just like sharing. But something happened. I received a few likes from people from all over the world. That got me thinking! What if we all… Continue reading giving thanks


artsy phartsy

Holding a pen, poised over a clean canvas. The possibilities! I am not an Artist; I like to draw. I especially like to use ink for my creations. I bought new pens and markers to make holiday cards, and having them near spurred me into letting my imagination take over. These are my pens (I… Continue reading artsy phartsy