“what could possibly go wrong”

Chapter 1 Starting our own business seemed like a good idea at the kitchen table with my best friend after a couple of beers on a Friday night. We both worked at the local paper selling advertising, and an opportunity had come up to buy a small business in town.  We were pretty sick and … Continue reading “what could possibly go wrong”

leaving 50 behind

2017 has arrived. For me, that means turning 51. I have now lived for half a century. I have traveled off my home continent, met many people, lost loved ones, learned lots, forgotten more, and am now safely in middle age. It feels as though I have arrived. Since childhood, I have felt that my … Continue reading leaving 50 behind

2016 so far…8 ways to stay sane

"It's not personal. Whatever is happening is not about you, it's about someone else's journey." I have heard many people say that 2016 seems to be shaping up to be a really weird year. Firstly, a lot of high-profile, much-loved celebrities have passed away. Secondly, the US presidential campaign has been a gong show so … Continue reading 2016 so far…8 ways to stay sane

the house that zen built

This is our house. We bought it in 2001, unfinished, and set out on a grand adventure of combining our family and raising the kids to the wonderful young adults they are today. We married in the yard in 2005 among family and friends. We have three pets buried in the front corner near the … Continue reading the house that zen built