“what could possibly go wrong”

Chapter 1 Starting our own business seemed like a good idea at the kitchen table with my best friend after a couple of beers on a Friday night. We both worked at the local paper selling advertising, and an opportunity had come up to buy a small business in town.  We were pretty sick and… Continue reading “what could possibly go wrong”


leaving 50 behind

2017 has arrived. For me, that means turning 51. I have now lived for half a century. I have traveled off my home continent, met many people, lost loved ones, learned lots, forgotten more, and am now safely in middle age. It feels as though I have arrived. Since childhood, I have felt that my… Continue reading leaving 50 behind


beef stew for 2

The summer has abruptly ended on the west coast; last night's rain brought morning fog and a damp chill to the air. Switching cooking gears from a dinner of fresh garden produce to liberating the crock pot from the back of the cupboard was foremost on my mind this morning. I took myself to the… Continue reading beef stew for 2


zen house

I posted awhile back (the house that zen built)about our plan to build a house, and thought it was time to show the progress! We started with this: Which became this:     Once the foundation was finished, we had a new crew come in to do the framing. My husband designed the house and… Continue reading zen house