artsy phartsy

Holding a pen, poised over a clean canvas. The possibilities! I am not an Artist; I like to draw. I especially like to use ink for my creations. I bought new pens and markers to make holiday cards, and having them near spurred me into letting my imagination take over. These are my pens (I… Continue reading artsy phartsy


zen house

I posted awhile back (the house that zen built)about our plan to build a house, and thought it was time to show the progress! We started with this: Which became this:     Once the foundation was finished, we had a new crew come in to do the framing. My husband designed the house and… Continue reading zen house


2016 so far…8 ways to stay sane

"It's not personal. Whatever is happening is not about you, it's about someone else's journey." I have heard many people say that 2016 seems to be shaping up to be a really weird year. Firstly, a lot of high-profile, much-loved celebrities have passed away. Secondly, the US presidential campaign has been a gong show so… Continue reading 2016 so far…8 ways to stay sane

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holy grail

"You will discover that cooking is more than making food. It could be your 'holy grail' for a happier, closer family." I have been collecting recipes since I was a child. My first one, which I still have in my own handwriting, is for clam chowder. I keep it, and all the other pages from… Continue reading holy grail